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Welcome & thanks for surfing our site..

Who are we?

One of the oldest and largest independent VENDING Solution providers in the South East.

Where are we?
Based in Oxfordshire we have operations in London, Thames Valley Area, Oxfordshire and The Midlands.

What do we do?
Nothing really……….apart from selling and providing a complete Vending Solution.
Do you need a new machine ? Need Vending Ingredients ? Need fresh food ? or Place an order

Need spares or repairs?
Help? (then call the Samaritans.. or us!)


Why choose Vendcare?
With over 20 years Commercial and Technical experience in the industry we supply a wide and diverse customer base: small breakout areas to large 24/7 sites, blue chip companies and fully catered kitchens…..we can tailor your solution. With the onslaught of technology our engineers are continually updating their skills to deliver even better service. Oh and we like what we do!

When would I need Vendcare?
Bored then try
A new machine  Ingredient/Fresh Food and Snacking/Drinks Hot and cold/……(To change my supplier and get a quote…

How do I contact you?


01993 703959
01993 776045