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Vending Solutions

Vendcare can offer a number of cost effective solutions to meet the everchanging needs of snacking/grazing in the workplace. A large number of UK companies recognise that additional benefits packages can attract and retain employees in today’s workplace. Vending and Vendcare can offer a number of tailored solutions to meet the demands of most organisations.

What would you like………………………………..?

  • Starbucks style coffee in the office.
  • High street branded sandwiches.
  • Branded soft drinks and water.
  • Top 30 branded snacks.
  • Top 30 branded confectionery lines.
  • Healthy snacks and dried fruit snack lines.
  • Branded Vending ingredients.
  • Bravisimo Fresh coffee beans.
  • Branded soups.
  • Fair Trade products.
  • Vending cups.
  • Bean to cup machines.
  • Water Coolers.
  • Snack Vending Machines.
  • Climate controlled machines.
  • Floor standing hot drinks machines.
  • Flavia, Kenco, table top coffee machines.
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